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Coverage that suits your portfolio size and data budget

For a fraction of investment managers’ Alternative Financial Data budgets, Distill Analytics provides historical psychometric data and reporting for an expanding universe of companies, with updates following each earnings call. Our quarterly data and reporting provides a unique additional dimension for understanding, modelling, and forecasting corporate performance.


Cognition Data Evaluation

Our complimentary evaluation set has complete historical coverage of 120 public companies from 2002-2015. Use this set to see how easy it is to integrate Cognition Data into your models, and see how it lifts your strategies

Cognition Data Product

Every quarter, investment managers receive updates to numerical psychometric data mapped to user defined sets of stock symbols

  • Sector Coverage - all the companies within the same sector from our covered universe
  • Full Database Access -   full access to all the companies in our growing database
  • Custom Coverage - only the coverage you need, nothing you don’t

Management Fundamentals Index

Distill Analytics’ Management Fundamentals Index provides deep-dive assessments of executive management teams. It reveals the factors that drive action and create value, without requiring direct access or an inside connection. This enables better, more informed and systematic investment decisions.

The Management Fundamentals Index alerts Investment Managers to changes in the executive management teams of public companies with detailed historical assessments of a targeted company, sector, or entire portfolio. It demonstrates how individual corporate leaders and the leadership team as a whole navigate business cycle transitions and systemic volatility. Use this as a ‘canary in the coal mine,’ signalling possible pivot points in management beahviour. Every quarter, investment managers receive customized updates that reveal what is driving the corporate leadership. Reporting and data flag deviations from previous performance.

  • Globally unique insight using cutting edge military intelligence profiling tools
  • Detailed historical assessments of a targeted company, sector, or holdings
  • Ongoing tracking of the executive teams with remote psychometric assessment tools
  • Data, reporting, and interpretation delivered

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Implementation Services

Distill knows the best data has to be accessible to be insightful. We make data access fast and easy.