Identify management teams that can deliver growth; avoid those that won’t

It’s four o’clock on Wall Street, and the bell rings at the New York Stock Exchange. With the market closed and the quarterly release out on the wires, it’s time for executives to talk to investors and the Street. In corporate boardrooms, executive teams gather around the table. The C-suite read their statements and respond to questions from their prefered analysts, presenting an apparently unified version of the company’s current and anticipated standing. But while doing so they have unwittingly revealed much more than they realize.

For decades, academics have refined empirical assessment methods that are able to understand and anticipate actions of astronauts, politicians, and terrorists from afar. These techniques have regularly been used to help the Pentagon profile and forecast the next moves of foreign military leaders.
Distill Analytics is building and training algorithms based on these techniques to enable this capacity at unprecedented scale. These efforts include expanding this methodology to provide data-driven assessments of, and insights into, executive management teams of public companies. This creates Distill’s Management Fundamentals data.

Back in the boardroom, as the executive team filters out, Distill’s algorithms have already started parsing the transcript. Soon, the assessments from Distill’s data will be in, revealing if the team’s upbeat presentation represents either a truly proactive and unwaveringly stable management, or a smiling facade soon to crumble.

Interested in More?

Read our white paper on how we measure management.

Use Cases

We create accurate assessments of key psychological drivers that are inextricably linked to human performance. The algorithms go beyond simple word count and sentiment analysis to generate remote assessments using only the text of existing communication. Distill Analytics is the first to commercialize these methods. 

Signals for Systematic Active Investors

  • Teams using proactive, informed approaches
  • Executive team distress and negative dynamics
  • Reactionary, defensive decision making

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

  • Cultural fit for decision making and control
  • Leadership and collaboration strategies
  • Negotiation strategy

Other Use Cases

Beyond the financial applications, Distill works to provide military, security, and intelligence profiling capacity, such as:

  • Remote profiling and mointoring for fraud or adversarial action
  • Classification and clustering of terror groups
  • Psychological battle space preparation
  • Forecasting of adversarial regimes becoming violent